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Monday, April 8, 2013

Vietnam US Infantry Painting Guide

When I saw the new Flames of War US Rifle Platoon I immediately knew I had to get some of these. They are beautifully sculpted and I really think Evan has outdone himself here.

At the start of a new project I always do a test base/figure and only when I'm happy with the color choices I will move on to the rest of the miniatures in the unit.

This time I decided to document the recipe because as we all know I will get sidetracked by other projects before I finish the whole platoon. So when I return to these miniatures at some point in the future I won't have to be guessing all the colors I used.

Most of the time I start from a black undercoat and with these guys it was no different.

Colors used are all Vallejo.

US Flames of War miniatures for Vietnam
Flames of War Vietnam US rifle team


I start by painting the whole uniform Model Color Russian Uniform WWII (924). I then paint all the recesses with Game Color Cayman Green (067). I mix the highlight color 50/50 between Russian Uniform and Model Color Deck Tan (986). You could probably get away with using Model Color Green Grey (886) for the highlights, but I prefer the look of the mixed color.

I highlight the boots with Model Color USA Olive Drab (889). I know the boots were black, but in the field they don't stay black for long.

US Flames of War miniatures for Vietnam
Flames of War Vietnam US rifle team

Helmet Cover

The base color for the helmet covers is Game Color Camouflage Green (31). I paint two or three branches on each cover with Model Color Flat Earth (983). The leaves are painted in Model Color Russian Uniform WWII (924) and Game Color Cayman Green (067) respectively. Finally I add a few spots of Model Color Beige Brown (875).

US Flames of War miniatures for Vietnam
Flames of War Vietnam US rifle team


I don't believe there's one right way to do the webbing, and for me the most important thing is that the belts and pouches contrast with the uniform.

The web gear itself is painted Model Color Brown Violet (887) followed by a highlight of Panzer Aces Canvas (314).

The pouches are painted Model Color Khaki (988) followed by a highlight of Panzer Aces Highlight US Tkcr. (322)

For bit of variety I paint stuff like bandoleers with a base of Model Color Green Brown (879) and a highlight of Game Color Khaki (061).

US Flames of War miniatures for Vietnam
Flames of War Vietnam US rifle team


I paint equipment like LAWs and grenades Model Color Brown violet (887) followed by highlights of Panzer Aces Canvas (314) and finally Model Color Green Brown (879).

The M16 rifles are highlighted with Model Color German Grey (995) and Model Color Dark Bluegrey (867).

Skin Tones

The four grunts in the pictures all have different skin colors. Three of them are documented here.

Caucasian (Marlboro Man)

Base: Model Color Flat Earth (983)
1st highlight: Game Color Dwarf Skin (041)
2nd highlight: Model Color Basic Skintone (815)

Latino (LAW)

Base: Model Color Flat Earth (983)
1st highlight: Model Color Medium Fleshtone (860)
2nd highlight: Model Color Flat Flesh (955)

African American (M79)

Base: Model Color Leather Brown (871)
1st highlight: 50/50 mix of Leather Brown and Model Color US Field Drab (873)
2nd highlight: US Field Drab

Hope this is helpful.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey

I managed to finish the first rebel regiment today and thought I would share it. It is kind of small, but painting smaller units helps to keep me motivated.

15mm American Civil War command stand for Regimental Fire & Fury
Rebel Command Stand

I went for a ragged and nonuniform look for this regiment which adds to the fun of painting confederate forces I think.

15mm American Civil War miniatures for Regimental Fire & Fury
Rebel Regiment

They are not meant to represent any specific unit as I prefer to keep my figures more or less generic so I can use them in any battle I wish. I do plan to paint up some tiger zouaves though at some point in the future.

15mm American Civil War miniatures for Regimental Fire & Fury
Rebels Marching

The miniatures are Peter Pig and the flag is GMB. They are based for Regimental Fire & Fury.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Confederate General

Yesterday I finished yet another confederate general. I decided that I would kick off my brigade of rebels with the leader himself.

Confederate General
Confederate Brigadier General

I spent a lot of time looking at images of horses on the Internet for two reasons. First of all I wanted to get the muscles right, but it was equally important to me that the paint job would represent a breed of horse that actually existed in the late 19th century. In this case a Bay.

The Peter Pig miniature was a joy to paint and I'm really starting to like cavalry miniatures where the rider is part of the casting.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

American Civil War Project

A couple of weeks ago I dug out some of my Peter Pig ACW miniatures from under the bed. They have been collecting dust for years, but the moment I saw them again I remembered why I fell in love in the first place. Peter Pig miniatures aren't particularly realistic and they are a little smaller than most other lines, but they have lots of character. Some people may call them cartoonish, but as far as I'm concerned cartoonish is what works on a gaming table.

Peter Pig miniature
Confederate General

The only miniature I managed to finish back when I got these was a mounted confederate general.

The miniature is based for Fire & Fury although I have never actually played the game. I'm more of a painter than a gamer, but the ruleset appeals to me for many reasons so I decided to follow the Fire & Fury basing instructions.

Since then Regimental Fire & Fury has seen the light of day and these rules appeal to me even more so I've decided to start basing my ACW miniatures for that system.

I ordered MDF bases from East Riding Miniatures including circular ones for brigade generals like the Peter Pig one in the picture. East Riding Miniatures have great customer service by the way. The first package got lost in the mail for whatever reason, but Tony promptly sent me a replacement after I e-mailed him.

So now I'm ready to start painting the remaining confederate miniatures sitting on my desk.

I started this blog to document the progress and keep me focused.