Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Blood Bowl Hobgoblin

There were never hobgoblins in 2nd edition Blood Bowl so you would have to use something else if you wanted to use the chaos dwarfs from thar era. I went with 1st edition orcs back when I did my chaos dwarfs, but I was never satisfied with the faces. So I tried to sculpt my own face.

Citadel Blood Bowl hobgoblin

I was aiming for a more oriental look in line with the Citadel AD&D hobgoblins. I don't know whether I'll be doing more, but it was a fun little project.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Glart Smashrip

I've decided to play underworld denizens in an upcoming one day Blood Bowl tournament. Only problem is that I don't have a painted team. I have my skaven, but I don't have enough goblins and I also want to use a the star players Glart Smashrip and Skitter Stab-Stab. Who can say no to an obese Strength 4 monster with claw and a backstabbing gutter runner?

Glart Smashrip skaven blood bowl star player
Glart Smashrip

Forgeworld have released a version of Glart Smashrip, but it doesn't really fit with the oldschool miniatures that I collect so I decided to sculpt my own version. The result can be seen here.

Glart Smashrip front view

I used the hands and feet from a lineman and the head from a kicker since those are the hardest parts to sculpt.

Glart Smashrip side view

I don't have time to paint all the needed miniatures before the tournament so I will have to use what I have and the team will look somewhat eclectic. As long as there are no unpainted miniatures though I'm happy.

Glart Smashrip back view

I wanted to stay true to the original artwork, but I also wanted him to look a little more dynamic.

Glart Smashrip artwork
Glart Smashrip artwork

I studied images of sumo wrestlers and decided on a squatting pose. Below are some work in progress pictures.

work in progress
Work in progress

Friday, May 10, 2019

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Blitzer 2

In 2015 my son was born. 2015 was also the last time I updated this blog. There has not been much painting since then, but I'm starting to feel the urge to produce something again.

Until that happens here is a blitzer I never got around to post back then.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Blitzer
Dark Elf Blitzer
Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Blitzer
Dark Elf Blitzer

Monday, November 9, 2015

Blood Bowl Witch Elf

Witch elves are what makes dark elf teams so cool. They are expensive to hire and break easily, but the amount of damage they can do to your opponent's team more than makes up for this.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Witch Elf
Witch Elf

From a modelling point of view they are really interesting too. I've always fancied Jes Goodwin's Eldar harlequins and I wanted my witch elves to look something like that.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Witch Elf
Witch Elf

For a very long time I was struggling to find a combination of parts that I was satisfied with and I decided to scratch my first attempts. In the end I decided to use a Marauder witch elf combined with the legs of a female eldar harlequin. Since the face of the Marauder witch wasn't exactly up to Jes Goodwin standards I also used the face mask of the harlequin.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Witch Elf
Witch Elf

The result is a witch elf in an attacking position which suits this kind of player well, I think.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Blitzer

Latest addition to the team is a blitzer. I wanted him to resemble the old starplayer Tuern Redvenom so I used his face mask, copied his thigh guards and combined them with the torso of one of the original blitzers.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Blitzer
Dark Elf Blitzer

I used this technique to create the thigh guards and it worked really well. The head and legs were donated by old wood elf wardancers.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Blitzer
Dark Elf Blitzer

I think he looks both meaner and more dynamic than the original blitzer models which is the way I like my dark elves.

Next up is a witch elf I have been working on for some time now.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Assassin

Next player up for my dark elf team is an assassin. The fact that this player can run around stabbing his opponents in the back without risking getting caught by the referee is enough to include one, but overall I don't find this player very useful.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Assassin
Dark Elf Assassin

The assassin does provide for an interesting modelling project though and I had this idea in my head that I just had to try out. I ended up using the body of an elf wardancer called Eidyn because of the very cool fighting claw he has strapped to his right arm. The head was taken from an eldar scout wearing a scarf.

Dark Elf Assassin

I green stuffed the skull on the shoulder pad as well as the towel hanging from his waist. I chose to paint the base ring green. Green is normally reserved for blockers, but since dark elves don't have any I figured that it would work as well as any other color.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Players

I've finally managed to finish a couple of the dark elves that I started working on last year. My plan is to do a complete "Jes Goodwin" dark elf team and this is of course just the start.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Runner
Dark Elf Runner

I ended up painting the runner's mohawk in two tones to make him stand out on the board. After all he is the star of the team, sort of.

The lineman has had his head replaced with one of an eldar scout. The facial mask makes him look particularly sinister, I think.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Lineman
Dark Elf Lineman

The base rings were done using this technique.