Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blood Bowl Goblins

I'm currently coaching a team of orcs in a local league which has inspired me to revisit my Blitzburgh Squealers orc team that I painted for the World Cup in Nottingham in 2007. Since I only painted up 12 players back then I quickly ran out of miniatures as the games went by in the league.

Citadel Miniatures Blood Bowl Goblin without helmet by Kev Adams

I don't like to field unpainted miniatures and I really wanted to add some goblins to the squad so I painted up two of the old Citadel Miniatures Kev Adams goblins from the 2nd edition Blood Bowl range of miniatures. I really like these miniatures and they were a real joy to paint. So much that I'm actually considering painting up a full team at some point.

Citadel Miniatures Blood Bowl Goblin with helmet by Kev Adams

The theme of the team is a mix of two worlds. They are of course heavily inspired by the original Orcland Raiders team, but as I wanted to add a helmet stripe I chose to paint the helmets to represent the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Not visible on these goblins).

I still need to paint up the second thrower and another lineman before this team is complete.