Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blood Bowl Base Rings

Every Blood Bowl player will at some point have tried to play a match where it was hard to tell your opponent's miniatures apart. It can be very frustrating if there is no easy way to tell whether you are blocking a black orc or a goblin. "My blitzers are the ones with slightly more spikes than the others..." Really? Also, it's rather time consuming when you constantly have to ask your opponent what his playing pieces represent.

Blood Bowl Orc Blitzer with red base ring
Orc Blitzer
That's why I love base rings! Base rings were introduced in the 2nd edition of Blood Bowl (I think) and by using them you can make your players' positions immediate to your opponent.

The original position colors were as follows:


I always follow these guidelines when I paint my base rings, but the color is not really important as long as you can tell the miniatures apart.

I often get asked how I paint the base rings on my Blood Bowl miniatures. Up until now I have always done them in freehand, but in the future I will be doing them in the following way.

Step 1

Score the base
Score the base

Start by scoring the base with a sharp knife. The knife should be resting on the table allowing you to slowly turn the base around creating an even score in the base. When done flip the base around and repeat.

Take care not to cut yourself when trying this.

At this point you will want to glue your miniature to the base.

Step 2

White primer
White primer

When the miniature has been fixed to the base you can go ahead and prime the whole thing white (Or whatever color you prefer).

Step 3

Base ring color
Base ring color

Paint the positional color. You don't have to be neat at this step.

Step 4

Paint the border
Paint the border

Paint the borders in your preferred color. I use black as it contrasts well with everything. The scores should guide your brush leaving you with a perfect colored stripe with sharp borders.

I can tell you that this procedure is a hell of a lot easier to pull off than if you try to make the stripes in freehand and for me it is definitely the way to go looking forward.

Hope this is helpful.


  1. Very clever idea - much easier than trying to freehand!

  2. Great idea, I'll be trying this out on my elf team

  3. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!