Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Undead Tournament Roster Finished

It's been a couple of months since the Danish Open 2014 took place. The weather was very sunny for the whole weekend and as such perfect for sitting indoors and playing boardgames.

I ended up with a 3-1-2 record which was okay given the circumstances. My first match was against an orc team which totally destroyed my team giving me no chance at all and leaving me with a 0-2 loss in my opening match.

Next match was against wood elves. It ended with a 2-2 draw which was a little bit disappointing.

From that point it went a lot better though and the next three matches against orcs, norse and nurgle teams all ended with wins for the undead.

I ended up losing my last match to a very well coached chaos pact team, but it could have gone both ways really.

Overall it was a very fun weekend and a chance to touch base with old friends.

    Citadel Miniatures Undead Blood Bowl Mummy
    Undead Mummy

    I managed to finish the 12 man roster before the event and the latest batch includes the second mummy, the last two ghouls and another zombie.

    The mummy is a conversion. I green stuffed a shoulder pad, a helmet and a jersey (which is not really visible in the picture)

    Citadel Miniatures undead Blood Bowl Ghoul
    Undead Ghoul

    Both ghouls have had shoulder pads green stuffed onto them as well. Number 5 is an old AD&D ghoul while number 8 is from the Night Horrors range.

    Citadel Miniatures undead Blood Bowl Ghoul
    Undead Ghoul

    The skaven zombie is simply a 1st edition skaven painted in a sick fleshtone.

    Citadel Miniatures undead Blood Bowl Skaven Zombie
    Undead Skaven Zombie

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    1. Absolutely love that mummy conversion and the painting on the face is stunning. You must be proud!