Friday, July 3, 2015

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Players

I've finally managed to finish a couple of the dark elves that I started working on last year. My plan is to do a complete "Jes Goodwin" dark elf team and this is of course just the start.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Runner
Dark Elf Runner

I ended up painting the runner's mohawk in two tones to make him stand out on the board. After all he is the star of the team, sort of.

The lineman has had his head replaced with one of an eldar scout. The facial mask makes him look particularly sinister, I think.

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elf Blood Bowl Lineman
Dark Elf Lineman

The base rings were done using this technique.


  1. Agreed, that eldar scout head works really well; sometimes a head swap is the best conversion. The team's really shaping up, looking good.

  2. Those look great. That yellow is perfect. ;)