Saturday, June 22, 2013

Undead Blood Bowl Wight

Just a quick update. I've painted up the second wight for my undead Blood Bowl team. Again a ghost from the old Citadel Miniatures night horrors range.

Citadel Miniatures undead Blood Bowl wight
Blood Bowl Wight

It's becoming more and more clear to me how difficult it is to paint black well. I think I will try to use a lighter highlight color on the edges of the black areas on future models.


  1. Try using blue to highlight the black, rather than just greys. Andy 'Eavy Metal' Craig recommended this technique to me. Perhaps you should try it out too?

    1. It is definitely something I will try in the future. Brown should work too

  2. Nice mini choices for the team.
    Looking forward to see some more models!